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Exquisite Copper Cuff Bark Bracelet on Etsy

Copper Bark Cuff Bracelet

Copper Bark Cuff Bracelet

Are you searching for a sensational copper cuff that will add a dash of fabulous style to practically any outfit? This hand crafted copper cuff bracelet meets the bill!

The deep hand chased pattern on both the inside and outside surfaces adds dimensional allure. “Chased” means to be texturized and is an in demand technique with the malleable copper material.

Traditionally, the 7th anniversary is the year of copper! And if you really want to create the perfect gift, you can also purchase some matching copper earrings.

Opening of Copper Bark Cuff Bracelet

Opening of Copper Bark Cuff Bracelet

Copper is just one of the top crazes in modern handmade jewelry today. Copper is easy and widely available to work with, making it both a designer and fan favorite. It’s incredibly easy to polish and texturize. It looks great combined with rough cut gem stones, yet another contemporary jewelry trend. Even top celebrities are jumping on the copper bandwagon, displaying their sensational bling on the red carpets.

Copper is known for being able to stand the test of time. This chased copper bracelet, however, is coated with a protective coating that will keep its original color intact.

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John S Brana Named Bay Area A-List – Best of 2014 Runner-up for Best Fine Jewelry

San FranciscoCA — Jewelry designer John S. Brana has announced that his eponymous collection of handmade fine jewelry has been selected as a runner-up winner for the 2014 Best of the Bay Area A-List. This marks his fifth honor in the Best Fine Jewelry category.

The Bay Area A-List is a website that awards Bay Area businesses honors in 168 categories. Winners are determined based on the tabulation of more than 37,000 votes from local residents and industry experts. Winners are given a web page to promote their products and services, and new results are published annually.


In the 2014 Best of the Bay Area A-List Awards, Brana’s designer jewelry collection received Runner-up Award – Best Fine Jewelry, ranking in second place out of 45 local San Francisco handmade jewelry collections in the Fine Jewelry category. His handmade fine jewelry line won Runner-Up awards in 2010 and 2013 and was named a Finalist in the Fine Jewelry category in 2012.

The line of designer jewelry made from copper, aluminum, fine silver and gold received the Best Designer Jewelry Award in 2008.  On John S Brana’s Handmade Jewelry profile page of the Bay Area A-List Awards, more than 35 voters are quoted, describing the quality craftsmanship and unique designs of the John S. Brana Jewelry Collection.

John S. Brana Handmade Jewelry is a collection of fine jewelry produced in San Francisco. The pieces in the collection are handcrafted from a variety of precious metals, including fine silver, sterling silver, copper, gold and aluminum. Embellishments like freshwater pearls and faceted gemstones are used in many pieces and are all hand-selected to ensure that every piece is of high quality. Designs are inspired by natural elements from the texture of tree bark to the colors of flowers. Pieces are sold online at


John S. Brana is the artist behind the collection and the owner of the jewelry line. His career began in law and banking, and he formerly served as a Vice-President for Finance for The Charles Schwab Corporation. In 2003, Brana was inspired to leave the corporate world and begin producing his own handmade fine jewelry. The collection debuted in 2004 and is produced at Brana’s San Francisco studio.

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Types of Laps Used in Faceting Gemstones for Handcrafted Jewelry

Lucite Laps for Facting Gemstones

Lucite Laps for Facting Gemstones

Laps are the bases used for polishing and cutting rough gems into fine gemstones. There is a wide range of available laps in use, and many of them are original creations used exclusively by the developer. Generally, however, polishing laps fall into several basic classifications.

A Lucite lap is very popular. Its hardness, which is approximately 2, indicates some limitations, but Lucite has performed well and is versatile. A combination lap made of equal amounts of lead and tin is also in general use.

Another polishing lap often found in regular use is the “typemetal lap.” Its alloy of lead, copper, antimony and tin hint at the general softness of this lap, but lead is tough and tends to give added wearing ability when used.

Copper Lap for Facting Gemstones

Copper Lap for Facting Gemstones

Tin laps are also in common use, as are lead laps. Practically every type of material seems to have been experimented with, and many of them have been successful, especially when a specific need arises. Incidentally, the fine book, “Faceting for Amateurs,” by Glenn and Martha Vargas, covers the data on laps extensively. Most Rock Shops stock the book, and its 330 pages make interesting reading for beginner or expert.

In general, the Lucite lap is popular because it’s inexpensive, but a lubricant is vital t0 minimize the heat that develops.

Diamond Laps for Facting Gemstones

Diamond Laps for Facting Gemstones

This entire post could easily be devoted to the diamond laps. The most popular are the basic cutting laps such as the 120 grit or the 100. A 400 for fine facet cutting is used on practically every stone, while an extra-fine finish can be applied through the use of a 1200 grit lap. The most popular one in regular use is a 3000 diamond lap that pre-polishes and minimizes the amount of time involved in completing a polish. Although there are finer laps on the market, we have been unable to use one with a free conscience, as the lap is easy to damage, and extra caution is required in using finer laps. This is not to say that the diamond compounds ranging to 5000 grit size cannot be easily used on copper laps, etc. The compounds work well, but if you can afford the all-diamond laps, chances are their durability, ease and workability will make them a very satisfactory investment.

If you are a beginner and all this talk about the wide range of available laps is confusing you, your best bet is to talk to hobbyists who are already in the field or other handcrafted jewelry designers. Chances are, if you,talk to a number of them, you will soon see the total picture. Don’t stop with a single cutter, as the probability is strong that he has personal favorites which may not be in the same field as your requirements. Although you can work very well with a lap or two, you will find that part of the fun in cutting is to experiment. My workshop has several dozen laps but this is a luxury. For the average hobbyist, only a few laps are vital, so check your needs against your budget, and decide how extensive your lap stockpile need be.

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Copper – The Traditional 7th Anniversary Gift

Copper Jewelry Makes a Great 7th Wedding Anniversary Present

Anticlastic Texturized Copper Bangle Bracelet

Anticlastic Texturized Copper Bangle Bracelet

Those planning their 7th wedding anniversary should be thinking about purchasing the ideal gift for their significant other. Though a 7th anniversary isn’t actually a milestone, such as a Tenth, Twenty Fifth, or Fiftieth, a fantastic gift that illustrates ones thoughtfulness is going to be received well by your soul mate. In America, the 7th anniversary is traditionally a present manufactured from copper. Considering the fact that copper is quite commonplace, it really should not be difficult to find a suitable gift to observe your past seven years of wedded bliss.

Copper Jewelry is an Choice to Any Wardrobe

Copper jewelry makes a fantastic wedding anniversary gift for many reasons. For starters, copper is extremely malleable due to the inherent properties, and can be formed, hammered, and molded into countless designs and forms. This provides an endless range of accessory designs which will satisfy her style. Two, these products are relatively inexpensive, so that you could easily follow traditions without the need to spend lots of money. Despite the fact that copper jewelry provides a lower price point, it still can be quite exquisite, making it an excellent addition to any clothing collection.

Anticlastic Bracelets – A Unique Copper Jewelry Gift Choice

Within the last several years, copper has increased in popularity, notably within the jewelry industry. Its properties allow it to be fashioned into lots of different products, from corrugated disc earrings to anticlastic bracelet. Those shopping for a gift for their forthcoming 7th wedding anniversary will be able to discover a wide selection of copper jewelry to purchase within finer stores. By choosing these types of fashion accessories, you can then shop for a more unusual gift while still staying with standard wedding anniversary traditions. In this way, we are able to be sure that copper jewelry will grow to be more well known amongst married partners as well.

Endless Designs in Copper Jewelry

Texturized Anticlastic Copper Cuff Bracelet by San Francisco Copper Jewelry

Texturized Anticlastic Copper Cuff Bracelet

Skilled jewellery designers that specialize in copper jewelry most often have a wide selection of designs due to the fact that copper is much easier to work than most precious metals. An expert jeweler can certainly produce a myriad of stylish cuffs, chain necklaces, and earrings in a wide selection of shapes and sizes. The design may also be varied, as copper is quite versatile when it comes to how it may be formed. This property may be used to create a simple object like a chased copper ring necklace as well as something more intricate like a pair of realistic copper leaf earrings. As such, there is certainly ample variety for anybody looking for a wonderful Seventh anniversary present.

Possibly the best suppliers for a quality present is a jewelry designer who specializes in hand made fashion accessories. By combining the malleability of copper with the talent, love and persistence proven by the finest artisans in the world, an array of elegant copper necklaces, bracelets and earrings have been made to make sure that those honoring their Seventh anniversary will never have difficulty picking out the perfect present. These pieces exhibit an individuality befitting most married people as well, and you may discover an awe-inspiring copper jewelry pieces which displays the unique nature of your connection easily.

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